Collection of relevant articles on central bank gold hoards, their auditing problems, their storage intransparency, and on the consequences of a missing gold backing of currencies. This collection will grow over time; pls. send us suggestions for more articles to be included in this archive:

Source/Author: KingWorldNews / Eric King
Insider exposes truth on German Gold Repatriation - an interview with Peter Boehringer

Source/Author: Euro Pacific Capital: "Global Investor Newsletter Summer 2014" / Andrew Schiff
The strange case of Germany's gold - an interview with Peter Boehringer

Source/Author: Chris Powell / Peter Boehringer
Did the Bundesbank get even a little of its original gold back?

Source/Author: James Turk
Where is Germany's Gold?

Source/Author: Zerohedge  /
The Dutch ask their Central Bank: "Where is our Gold?"

Source/Author: James Turk
Germany´s Gold: It´s time for an accurate accounting

Source/Author: James Turk
Behind closed doors